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GREENSBORO, N.C. August 31, 2004
Syngenta, New Generation Pest Management, Help Preserve a Unique Piece of American History
Syngenta Professional Products has helped preserve a unique piece of American history by treating the wooden support beam of the Liberty Bell replica, housed at the Honor America Museum in Melbourne, Fla., to reduce the infestation of drywood termites.

Syngenta used an X-ray system provided by New Generation Pest Control of Santa Maria, Calif., to detect infestation, then treated the area with OptiGard DW, containing the active ingredient thiamethoxam under an experimental use permit (EUP).

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Santa Maria, CA. August 13, 2004
Cutting-Edge X-Ray and Acoustic Technology Announces Introduction To Multi-Unit Residential Industry -- New X-Ray Inspection System Detects Termites and Galleries Inside Walls
New Generation Pest Management, Inc., the developer of the Predator System, a revolutionary termite inspection and treatment system, today announced it has begun its focus on the multi residential property industry. “No longer does a property manager have to vacate his/her building to eliminate their infestation of termites” according to Ken Van Corbach, President and Chief Executive Officer of New Generation Pest Management, Inc.

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Naples, Florida. June 25, 2003
Cutting-Edge X-Ray and Acoustic Technology Revolutionizes the Pest Control Industry -- New X-Ray Inspection System Launched to Detect Termites and Galleries Inside Walls
New Generation Pest Management, Inc., today announced the introduction of Predator™, a revolutionary termite and pest inspection system that expects to eliminate nearly 60 percent of the costly and invasive fumigations performed annually in the U.S. to eliminate drywood and subterranean termites. The new Predator X-Ray Inspection System, introduced today at the Florida Pest Management Association's annual show, now gives pest control professionals the ability to view and hear active termites inside residential or commercial building walls - in their native galleries - to accurately pinpoint where termiticide application treatments need to be applied.

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Recent Articles

Apartment Magazine, February 2005
Today's Technology Helps Protect Your Investment from Termite Damage
February 2005. Discovering a termite problem is never pleasant.Visions of walls disintegrating as these sinister insects gnaw away hidden from view haunt even the most courageous property owner. However, with new developments in inspection technology and treatment chemistry, fears of excalating costs, collapsing structures, and displaced tenants are quickly coming to an end.

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Santa Maria Sun, June 12, 2003, Vol. 4, No. 12
Pest Management heads for a New Generation A Santa Maria company could change the bug-killing business - and the industry giants have noticed
Tuesday, August 13, 2002. A house in Torrance, Calif., that had been tented for fumigation accidentally fills with natural gas and explodes when a furnace kicks on. The blast levels the house, damages 20 others, and injures 10 people. But now, because of the vision of one Santa Maria business owner, the need to tent a house for fumigation may be drastically reduced.
Ken Van Corbach, President and CEO of Santa Maria's New Generation Pest Management, has developed a process that could lower the amount of home fumigations by 60 percent. And along the way, it could bring about a huge change in the multibillion-dollar extermination industry.

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New Generation invites you to visit us in person at the following upcoming trade shows, press events or workshops:

Tri-County Apartment Association Rental Housing Conference Expo
Santa Clara Convention Center
April 20,2005
Santa Clara, California
Booth #507

Florida Pest Management Association Convention, Booth #812
June 24-26, 2003
Naples, Florida

CPCO Convention, Booth #209
August 26-28, 2003
Orlando, Florida

Pestworld National Convention, Booth #2213
October 22-25, 2003
Dallas, Texas