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Predator Overview
The revolutionary Predator Inspection System's cutting edge portable x-ray technology makes it possible to actually see inside walls in search of termite infestations. Combining state-of-the-art x-ray and digital film processing equipment, the Predator is the perfect tool for finding termite damage and active infestations. Predator Termite Control technicians can now pinpoint the location of active termite infestations within a home or other structure. Once located, the infestation can be controlled using a non-repellant termiticide that is injected directly into the structure, killing the termites quickly, and without fumigating.

How the Process Works
In an effort to eliminate the need for fumigations and other intrusive treatment options for termite control, Predator Termite Control has introduced x-ray and acoustic listening technology to the pest control market. The typical alternative to fumigations for drywood termites has been a local treatment using anything from microwave treatments to opening walls and replacing infested materials. The challenge with local termite treatments has always been finding where termites actually go in a structure. Inspecting a wall with x-ray technology

Using x-ray imaging, Predator Termite Control technicians can actually detect the extent of an infestation within the structure without opening walls. Using acoustic listening devices, we can also detect the unique frequency termites cause within the wood to determine if the suspected infestation is active. Now that we can find the extent of a termite infestation without opening walls, the guesswork of local treatments has been eliminated, and the termites can be treated directly in the wood non-invasively, and without evacuating residents.

We provide the security of knowing that we are accurately, conclusively and cost-effectively controlling your termite infestations without opening walls, evacuating or fumigating. Our inspection and treatment process continues to help prevent damage from future infestations long after the initial treatment.

Service Plan Options
Our goal is to control your current termite infestations as quickly as possible, and to work with you to provide exceptional service that will protect your property with minimal inconvenience. To accomplish these goals, we have two service plan options that can be adjusted to fit your particular needs:

Service Plan A: Annual Service Agreement
Our goal is to introduce a proactive inspection and treatment program to catch future infestations before significant damage is caused. Initially, we will address the infestations we find during inspection of your property. This inspection and treatment will include both subterranean and drywood termites. Throughout the term of agreement, any reported locations of suspected infestation will be inspected and addressed as quickly as possible (generally within 24 hours). Following the initial treatment phase, we will visit the property periodically throughout the year to perform exterior inspections and treat any active infestations during the remainder of the agreement.

Service Plan B: Per-Incident Inspection/Treatment Service
While most of our customers prefer a proactive Annual Service Agreement, a reactive, per-incident inspection and treatment service is also available. When you suspect a termite infestation at your property, contact us to schedule an inspection to determine if the infestation is active or inactive. Upon discovery of an active infestation, our technicians will issue a report and make a recommendation for treatment. Under this service plan, you are able to non-intrusively treat termite infestations as they are discovered, often before significant damage occurs.

Service Areas
We currently deliver termite control services to residential and commercial properties throughout California. If you have a special need outside of California please contact us for more information.