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New X-Ray Inspection System Launched to Detect Termites and Galleries Inside Walls

NAPLES, FL - June 25, 2003 - New Generation Pest Management, Inc., today announced the introduction of Predatorô, a revolutionary termite and pest inspection system that expects to eliminate nearly 60 percent of the costly and invasive fumigations performed annually in the U.S. to eliminate drywood and subterranean termites. The new Predator X-Ray Inspection System, introduced today at the Florida Pest Management Association's annual show, now gives pest control professionals the ability to view and hear active termites inside residential or commercial building walls - in their native galleries - to accurately pinpoint where termiticide application treatments need to be applied.

"Nearly a million structures are tented and fumigated each year at a cost of more than $250 million to consumers," said Ken Van Corbach, president and chief executive officer of New Generation Pest Management, Inc. "Predator's state-of-the-art x-ray and acoustic detection capabilities are phenomenal, giving inspectors direct insight into termite activity occurring in the wall, the locations of galleries and insects, and the ability to verify that termites are alive. The industry's standard practice of external visual inspections have not always proven reliable and now can be considered an outdated practice," according to Van Corbach.

The Predator Inspection System uniquely decreases the need for most broad-based, disruptive and costly fumigations. According to Van Corbach, pest management professionals regularly recommend total treatment solutions like fumigation because it is viewed as a fool-proof solution when exact termite locations cannot be confirmed and when inspectors cannot verify live infestations. However, this treatment option is very costly and sometimes unavailable to commercial building owners. "Predator's next-generation technology will help us refine our detection and treatment application techniques in a way that has never been possible before," according to Tom Nishimura, field research and market development specialist of BASF, manufacturers of Termidorô. "With Predator, we now have a process for effective detection and treatment that is not intrusive and will not compromise structural components or the quality of wood. We can mitigate infestations on a localized basis and confirm the efficacy of our treatments."

Utilizing tomorrow's technology today, New Generation's Predator Inspection System includes a fully equipped and specially calibrated x-ray camera (weighing only five pounds) that is portable and easy to use by inspectors in the field. In addition, Predator comes with an image scanner, two image plates, state-of-the-art imaging software and a specialized laptop computer for onsite viewing of termites in their galleries.

Finally, this ultimate detection system comes with a highly sensitive and accurate acoustic emission device that detects live infestations through the smallest of termite movements. According to Van Corbach, no fumigation treatment should ever be considered again unless a pest management professional can view both the location of the galleries and verify live infestations. "The combination of X-Ray and acoustic emission technology is new and an exciting innovation for improving termite detection and treatment," according to Dr. Vernard R. Lewis from the Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management Division of Insect Biology at the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Lewis will be utilizing the Predator Inspection System in is his future research on termite detection and advances in the industry.

New Generation Pest Management, Inc., is dedicated to the discovery, creation and introduction of technology-based products and services that fundamentally change current processes and entire industries. New Generation Pest Management, Inc. is located at 2315 Meredith Lane, Suite M, Santa Maria, California, 93455. Telephone: 888-590-XRAY. Web site: www.newgenerationpest.com.