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Predator X-Ray Photos

The following images were taken with the Predator X-Ray Inspection System, and show the amazing results that are possible with this state-of-the-art equipment.

Live Termites in Galleries
The Predator X-Ray Inspection System will often show live termites in their native galleries. The images are usually clearest when x-raying a fascia board or rafter tail, or other locations where the wood is exposed and can be x-rayed directly. Building materials such as stucco or drywall may interfere with the display of the termites, but the galleries are still very evident. In this image, the termites are the white 'blobs' within the darker cavities within the wood.

Termite Damage in Door Jamb
Damage inside a structure can often be very difficult to detect from a visual inspection. In this image, an x-ray of a door jamb revealed extensive damage along the edge of the jamb, but there was no visual evidence to suggest the jamb had any problems. Notice how the grain of the wood gets very jagged where the termites have created their galleries around the door hinge. Also, notice how the wood is much lighter in color near the jagged edge. Because the X-Ray measures densities, this indicates that the wood is no longer as dense in these light areas as in the other darker areas. This variation in lightness and darkness is very typical when x-raying termite galleries.
Termite Pellets in Stud Bay
Once a portion of a structure has been identified as possibly being infested, an x-ray is taken of the bottom plate to determine if there are any termite pellets in the stud bay. In this case, a small pile of pellets is visible to the very far right of the image. We x-rayed the stud they were next to and were able to follow the galleries to the end of the infestation. A local treatment was recommended once the precise location of the infestation had been determined with the Predator.
Conduit Inside Structure
The Predator X-Ray Inspection System is capable of penetrating up to 1/2" steel pipe, and can reveal suprising items within structures from time to time. In this image, electrical conduit was discovered, but more interestingly, the three wires inside the conduit are completely visible.
Bottom Plate with No Termites
A customer may require proof that their home does not have a termite infestation. In this image, the bottom plate shows no termite pellets and no damage to the wood. With the Predator X-Ray and the optional acoustic emission detector, we were able to provide proof-positive that there was no termite infestation in this structure.