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Vision & Mission
At New Generation Pest Management Inc., our mission, motivation and passion is the discovery, creation and introduction of fresh ideas resulting in revolutionary products with the power to forever change entire industries. New Generation is tenaciously committed to the pursuit and introduction of such important and groundbreaking innovations. Our entire team is dedicated to meeting and exceeding all customer, industry and market expectations with the highest level of product quality, company integrity and professional service demonstrated at all times.

Ken Van Corbach
President & CEO
Born entrepreneur, Ken Van Corbach's diverse and successful business track record speaks volumes having touched a myriad of assorted industries.With over 30 years in the pest management industry, Van Corbach has seen ineffective equipment come and go. In fact, it was Ken's frustration, blindly chasing termites inside structural walls with microwave treatment equipment, which inspired today's Predator X-Ray Inspection System technology.

Van Corbach began his search for a solution in 2001, visiting airports and reading manufacturer information on the sides of passenger x-ray security systems. Ken began contacting and visiting manufacturers with a new application concept. Nine months of research, meetings and visits to manufacturers resulted in a successful test of what Ken had known was possible when he began his search. With the help of an open minded engineering firm, the recalibration of existing bomb detection technology clearly captured the images of even the delicate legs of the various insect specimens in the center of a simulated structural wall model. With help from a local university, Ken quickly located a few sample termites, set up the x-ray camera and made history. Never before has the pest management industry seen termites active in their native galleries, and with the Predator Inspection System, the industry will never be the same.

Although not providing any clues on its newest projects - currently under tight wraps - New Generation Pest Management Inc. plans to introduce one groundbreaking product after another.

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